23 Apr 2020

New NATURAL range

Rocada S.L h

Rocada presented the new NATURAL product line at the latest edition of Paperworld Frankfurt, featuring an innovative design with wooden finishes as the main protagonist. This new line includes different products designed to satisfy current communications needs, to infuse offices with an atmosphere that is novel, fresh and homely by bringing the warmth of a home into office spaces so people might feel more comfortable.

With numerous visits showing interest in Rocada’s new line, the NATURAL line was warmly received at the Paperworld 2020 trade fair, and we feel sure it will also be popular among our clients.

More than 40 years creating workspaces

The Rocada Group was founded in Taradell (Barcelona) by the Roca family in 1976, and it started out producing drawing boards for design and architecture professionals. However, soon the company would diversify its product range to include chairs, furniture and whiteboards, and from then on, it has been evolving constantly.

In Taradell, the company has a 20,000 m2 production plant where it designs and manufactures most of its products, directly employing 50 collaborators.

Rocada started to operate internationally in 1980, which is when it first started exporting. From that moment onward, thanks to the popularity of its products, Rocada was able to open its first subsidiary in Hamburg, Germany in 2005. At 25% of the group’s total invoicing, Germany remains the firm’s most important international market.

As mentioned, nowadays the company has the subsidiary in Germany and local partners in the United Arab Emirates, and more recently, in China. Taiwan has also recently been added to the list of international clients.

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