The company



When Rocada was constituted; as a company in 1976, its strategic orientation was to satisfy a series of needs that the productive and service structures of this country demanded. Production, delivery, billing, financing, etc., were less belligerent aspects and we moved in a framework of less stressful relationships.


Today all this has changed. We live in a moment of deep concern motivated by multiple aspects that force us to control the internal and external variables of our companies and to closely monitor the fluctuations of the market.


Rocada, consistent with his young and dynamic spirit, is willing to handle this situation with the courage and enthusiasm that give an ambitious project & an efficient team.



Marc Roca - General Director




 The experience accumulated in recent years has allowed us to develop a selection of products more adjusted to the market demand and so on. to be able to guarantee the viability of the Rocada Service commitment in 7 days and avoid many transport incidents etc.
The incorporation of new product families speaks to the innovative spirit of the Rocada team. Proof of this is the revolutionary modular wall slate SkinWhiteBoard, the slate RD618 convertible to a table, novelties in sillery, metal filing cabinets, etc.
 You will find different references with the symbol throughout the catalog (*); These will be manufactured upon request and upon budget acceptance.
 All references in this catalog are manufactured following the most stringent reference standards in the industry: UNE standards in silversmithing, GS certification in blackboards, etc. ; and with the utmost respect for the environment.
We offer the possibility of assembling any material at any point of the Spanish territory by a simple price without a minimum order.
Rocada has made a technological change to a recognized company to be able to guarantee Spanish territory delivery between 24 and 48 hours and without incidents. Also, due to the delicate situation of the market, Rocada follows the commitment of the distributor and lowers the minimum order.



Our premises are quality, reliability and sustainability.


Rocada ISO9001


The quality and reliability of our production processes are guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2008 certification


Rocada Certificación GS


GS Certification:The German certification GS recognized worldwide as one of the best in Europe, guarantees safety, quality and continuity of the production of the product. , giving the user a maximum security and peace of mind in their purchase.


Rocada Respect for the Environment



Respect and protect the environment is a priority in our production processes. The use of recycled products and the reasonable utilization of resources are inexcusable priorities.